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Personal Peg is an unique extension of the board game known as the Bastille Solitaire (Peg Solitaire, Brainvita) exclusively for iPad, in this game a single player must move pegs on a board with holes (or pigeonhole).

With Personal Peg you can build your own boards (up to a maximum of 9x9 pigeonhole), create new game configurations (initial schemes of the game) and set the type of legal moves (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). In fact, it includes an board editor and an game editor, with Personal Peg everyone can build their own boards and try out new games. Both boards and both games can be saved in the database for later reuse.
Personal Peg also allows you to save your games and play them later to review or study.

The goal of the game is to eliminate as many pieces as possible from the board, the standard rule is to jump a peg over an adjacent peg, in a straight line, either horizontally or vertically in any direction but not diagonally. Depending on the variant being played, sometimes diagonal jumps are permitted, or jumps in certain directions are prohibited. In addition, opposed to this destructive rule the game can be played in reverse (a variant constructive introduced by the mathematician Leibniz) - start with a single peg and then by "reverse jumps" re-populate the board, with the objective of filling a specific field of holes.

standard move (destructive)

Leibniz's variant (constructive)

Personal Peg includes, ready to use, 10 different types of default boards:

  • English
  • European
  • Triangular
  • Wiegleb
  • Diamond
  • Square
  • Asymmetrical Cross
  • Antique English
  • English of Leibniz 
  • Bridge

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive and intuitive game interface.
  • Analog clock to measure game time.
  • Ability to undo and redo any number of played moves.
  • Editor to create new boards.
  • Editor to create new game configurations.
  • Save and load boards.
  • Save and load game configurations.
  • Save and load matches.
  • 8 different images of pegs.
  • Allow you to enable/disable the sound.
  • Multilanguage support (english, italian, spanish, french, german).
  • Help in english.

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